Tradestream provides clients with access to, and the use of, our Tradestream System as the product, with international trade and wider supply chain services in support of the overall solution.

Tradestream provides a hosted and managed solution, accessed over the web. We integrate with finance systems, client ERP and Purchase Order Management systems, logistics and LSP systems, and other relevant service providers as well as customs clearance systems. Our integrated solution encompasses end-to-end import & export processes and is supported by outsourced business processing services as and when required by our clients.

Consistently progressive, our solution has always been delivered as a Software-As-A-Service offering. The SAAS model has now moved to the Tradestream System. Tradestream further enables clients to focus on their core business, while we host, support, and maintain their solution. Highly experienced in managing hosted environments, we ensure our client’s data is secure, transactions are processed efficiently and safely, benefiting our clients across many areas; consolidated cost savings in hardware, infrastructure, IT resources, support and upgrade costs, and technical performance. We are constantly innovating and adding new functionality and features, further enhancing our benefits to our clients.

A true Tradestream System offering, we support our software with a wide range of services in all relevant areas of supply chain, import & export, treasury / foreign exchange management, logistics optimisation, supply chain consulting and business process outsourcing.

Tradestream is an end-to-end supply chain enabler, partnering with our clients, and offering intelligent, integrated, end-to-end supply chain solutions, with the goal of optimising supply chain efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Supply chain is the management of the movement and storage of goods, from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Our supply chain solutions ensure an integrated approach to our clients operations, logistics, procurement and information technology, providing on-going support to ensure a sustainable effort.

Tradestream services include:
Supply Chain and Business Strategy Alignment
Human Resource Allocation and Alignment
Supply Chain Managed Services