Gaborone Police Post Buildings Project – Selebi Pikwe and Gaborone

Tradestream Projects facilitated the road-haul of prefabricated buildings to different towns in Selebi Pikwe and Gaborone in Botswana, to be used as new Police Posts. Tradestream arranged not only the road-haul but also the Export Clearances through Groblersbrug for our client Prefab Building Technologies.

This Project commenced in February 2016 and is currently still in progress – to date we have only moved Phase 1 and 2 – out of a total of 5 phases.

Transmara Housing Project (The Sugar Company, Kenya)

This Project involved the shipment of thirteen 40’ High Cube containers to Kenya. Our client, Prefab Building Technologies, was appointed to build 9 houses – including 8 for senior managers and 1 guest house.

Tradestream arranged the entire shipment, as well as the required SGS Inspection – and all 13 containers were delivered to the port on time. The shipment included the following material: 300mm section steel; square tube legs; drip flashings; external corner columns; tiles; single / double door frames; steel trusses etc.

Saldanha – Tippler 3 Grouting and Lateral Support Project – Cape Town

Aveng Grinaker Engineering, a significant client of Tradestream Projects, is assisting Fair Brother Construction with the Tippler 3 Project between Langebaan and Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape. We are involved in the road-haul of construction materials to site on 18m and 12m vehicles. We have also transported their Drill Rigs, like the C6, and Pilings Rigs, like the B125, from Jet Park to site in Saldanha.

This Project started in March 2016 and is currently still on-going.

Senqu River Bridge Project – Quithing Lesotho

Stefanutti Stocks Civils was appointed by the Lesotho Government to build the road bridge over the Senqu River, better known as the Orange River, where it enters South Africa. Tradestream Projects has been involved in the transportation of cargo from Olifantsfontein to site since the inception of this project in 2014. We also assisted Stefanutti with Customs clearances at the Maseru/ Ficksburg border post as well as the required payment of Import Vat in Lesotho, Bond Cancellations and Vat Refunds.

This Project is still in progress.

M1 Interchange Pedestrian Bridge Project – Grayston Drive, Sandton

Tradestream Projects assisted with the road haulage of “in gauge” and “out of gauge” shipments to the M1 Interchange Pedestrian Bridge Project at Grayston Drive in Sandton. We moved both Semi- and Super-link loads, and up to 60 ton low-beds to the site in Grayston Drive.

This project started in May 2015 and is currently still ongoing.

Showroom Furniture for Jaquar Land Rover

Tradestream is currently assisting a client with all packaging, crating and transporting of the new, designer furniture and fittings for the Jaguar Land Rover showrooms throughout Africa. All Cargo is received into the Tradestream warehouse in Sandton, where it is wrapped and crated by Tradestream’s on-site craftsmen – ready for loading and transport to site.

Tradestream’s Project Manager/ Assistant then meets the client at the destination to assist with the delicate unloading and installation of this cargo.

Haulage of 18 CKD8C1 locos from Durban to Lubumbashi, DRC

Tradestream Projects assisted with the haulage of 18 locomotives from China, which arrived in Durban Port, destined for Lubumbashi in the DRC. (The locomotives were for the DRC Railway). This Project took place in May and June 2015.

Movement of 103 Trucks from Morupule Power Station in Botswana to Shanghai

Morupule Power Station is a coal-fired power station near Palapye, Botswana. Run by the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), it comprises four 33 MW air-cooled units. It uses coal from the adjacent Morupule Colliery and provides about 80% of the country’s domestic power generation.

In October 2014, Tradestream Projects was responsible for moving 103 trucks from the Power Station to Durban Port in South Africa, for shipment to Shanghai. This involved 51 normal truck loads and 52 abnormal truck loads. Approximately 6 trucks were loaded daily, with all trucks being transported in +- 18 days.

From Durban Port, they were loaded on a Charter Vessel for shipment to Shanghai.

Rehabilitation of Matala Hydroelectric Dam Project – Angola

The Angolan government approved a project to rehabilitate the Matala hydroelectric dam and its power infrastructure due the need to supply energy to the provinces of Huila and Namibe. The contract was signed with SNC-Lavalin of Canada, a client of Tradestream Projects, to carry out the repair work on the dam. Tradestream was involved in the transport of materials and supplies to the project site for the 16 months during 2013 and 2014.

Energy Engineered Products – Water Treatment Project (Europe)

Energy Engineered Products, a client of Tradestream Projects, supplies stainless steel, specialist alloys, and valve distributors. The company specialises in stainless steel and other corrosion resisting alloy products and services a wide variety of industry sectors which include: mineral processing, petroleum, chemical, fabrication, engineering, power generation, food and beverage and water treatment.

During 2014, Tradestream Projects has handled all the cross trades of pipes from the UK into Europe, where cargo had to be unpacked and re-packed – and then transported via road to the site – where they are busy with a water treatment plant. Tradestream has also just been awarded phase 2 of this project.

Robor – Chris Hani Project

Tradestream Projects was awarded the Robor-Chris Hani project – to transport 35km’s of ductile pipes and fittings from Port Elizabeth to Tsomo, in the Eastern Cape. The project is part of the water services development plan in the Chris Hani District Municipality. The project commenced in early 2013.

Kitwe Winder House Project – Zambia

The Kitwe Winder House Project is based in Kitwe, in the Copperbelt province, in Zambia. This project was for the construction of a new winder house for the Mopani Copper Mines Synclinorium Shaft which is currently being developed by Stefanutti, a significant client of Tradestream Projects. Construction included excavations, beams, bases, columns and buildings. The majority of materials were supplied from South Africa, in order to adhere to standards and specifications of the Contractor. The duration of this project was 6 months and Tradestream was responsible for moving all the materials from South Africa to Zambia during the latter part of 2012.

Tradestream charter’s vessels for the supply of ERW steel line pipes to Nigeria

Tradestream’s client, Capital Star Steel, supplied the steel pipes used in the new 54km Ogini pipeline, being developed to connect the Umusadege field to Shell Nigeria’s export pipeline at Eriemu. The pipeline was designed to transport Umusadege field oil production and increase the combined export capacity for the field, thereby reducing the risk of reliance on a single pipeline. Tradestream Projects was awarded the contract to transport the pipes, via charter vessel, to Nigeria for this project.

Tradestream Projects moves Garrett Steam Train from Kimberly to Paekakariki in New Zealand

Tradestream Projects moved a Garrett Steam Train, built in the 1800’s, from Kimberley to Paekakariki in New Zealand in March 2011. The train was purchased by Tradestream’s client, Russel Gibbard of Steam Inc. for US$ 40 000 over fifteen years ago – and was held in storage in Kimberley until enough money had been saved to pay for the voyage to New Zealand.
The project was particularly challenging for a number of reasons: firstly, the cargo was unique, in that it was irreplaceable and weighed in excess of 135 tonnes; secondly, in order to transport the train, old railway tracks were purchased from Transnet and then custom-welded. The train was then broken into three parts and these were welded onto the rails and transported to Durban via truck. Lastly, the strict New Zealand health regulations had to be adhered to and the entire cargo had to be steam cleaned and fumigated in Durban prior to being shipped to Auckland. This process alone took about 24 days. After a sea voyage of 18 days the train finally arrived in Auckland and was then trucked to Paekakariki where it is now being restored. This process is expected to take more than five years.